Pale Blue (A Poem)

The sky lays over the cobblestones like a pale blue blanket

And they stand on the ground around her, and stare over the acres, glancing up at suits and ties

But no closer are they in skyscrapers

Leaning over keys and papers…looking down

The smell of fountains drifts through the air, as she fights the wind, which fights her hair, fighting earrings, snared…likely leaving strands, the traces in spaces unseen for lack of closer inspection

Protection unneeded, Mother Nature, in this state, is glorious

No rain on this day, for she is joyous

Solar eye open wide, gazing favourably down at her, giving way to what the earth has for her

Nothing can distract her now

She is, in fact, past her fractured state, which she, all too quickly, mastered

She is no longer grasping

She has taken hold

Reminiscing on cliches like “out with the old..”

But not “…in with the new”

In with what has been there all along, waiting to be invited

She no longer wonders where her mind is

Welcoming Mother Earth’s kiss

She is wild. She is bliss. 



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