One Second Thought (A Poem)

Have you seen what I’ve seen?

                         The Earth moves around it

                         You get butterflies from it

                         Pushing your heart into the bottomless pit…

…your stomach….

is sick, even though you don’t know it

It controls your nerves, absorbed by those curves.

You can run, but it has a funny way of finding you hiding

Binding you…

It’s not always kind to you, simply because of what it makes you do.


But that’s okay because you need it…

You feed it on the daily, and frankly, that’s why it comes back to your doorstep every morning. Isn’t it?

So friend… around whom does it revolve? Causing you to evolve in order to resolve your issues that dissolve in tissues, and absolve you of misuse, so suddenly you’ve devolved in a second…

Existence, a hectic mass of massive messes…it pulls you in, and beats you senseless.

Closely akin to pin cushions, it’s easy to feel useless when not being poked and prodded by a sexy seamstress in horn-rimmed glasses.


I need your measurements…this suit won’t fit unless we’re careful.

And just so you know, you look like a werewolf

Have a shave and cut that hair, so she can see your face…I know it’s there…

When you’re in that mirror, razor raised, and arm steady, tell yourself,

“You’re ready…”

This is heavy as a rhinoceros under a Chevy, but you’re gonna get sweaty trying to lift it, so go around it, or pound it into the ground and go over it.

“You’re ready. You’ll make it.”

But dammit, stop taking to yourself! 

You’ve made it this far, maybe she just needs to know you care. That seems fair, so brush back her hair from her eye and show her you’re there…for her, that is…





“You can be an ice queen…

…but know that I’m a fire-breathing dragon, and to my flames you’re just ice cream…

…and so sweet.”



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