Run Away on this Runway [Zombie Apocalypse]


Greetings, survivors! Our culture these days is obsessed with the idea of the world coming to an end. Whether it’s in the flames of a suddenly active volcano, the claws of a vengeful God-like lizard creature, spawned millions of years ago or shifts in tectonic plates causing devastating earthquakes and tidal waves – it’s got to happen! And don’t forget the subsequent lightning storms, and erratic animal behavior that inevitably ensue.

However, one world-ending theme that seems to overshadow the rest is this idea of a zombie apocalypse. The notion that dead bodies would somehow be reanimated, hellbent on devouring the flesh and brains of every living human being in their path. This seeming impossibility consumes the minds of the worlds youth and young adults [primarily], and oozes through the pores of modern media (film, television, graphic novels).

Commonly discussed, in light of this daunting occurrence is the gear necessary to survive. Guns, rations, shelter, etc… Discussed less frequently, is the fashion necessary to make it through, not only the apocalypse itself, but the new world after. How would I outfit myself in the occurrence of this epic tragedy? Read on…

ImageIt’s one thing to be the guy who can’t fire a gun, can’t rally the troops or is even too slow to run for his life. I have none of those problems thankfully, but I would rather have the former two than to be the guy who couldn’t dress himself before setting out on the adventure of a life time. Living life out on the zombie filled road requires discipline, and perseverance…and let’s face it, fashion sense.

First of all, you will be on your feet a lot, mucking about in God knows what sort of terrain. My go-to footwear in this event is a good pair of combat boots. I have personally been in love with this blast from the past trend since I can remember. When treading in unknown territory, you won’t regret have these on your feet to protect from the inevitable broken glass, unforeseen bogs and maybe even a bite from the legless undead nipping at your achilles. By the way, I prefer a matte finish (black or brown).

Tucked, slightly bunched of course, into those boots should be a slim but comfortably fitting pair of jeans with enough stretch to keep your mobile, but durable enough to withstand being worn a long period time. Choosing the proper colour is paramount to one’s survival. Though zombies have quite the snout for blood, they are not [always] blind, and will spot you in brightly coloured chinos. Keeping the environment in mind when making this decision is key. If you are making your way across the desert, maybe black isn’t your best bet…but night still falls. Hmm, so many variables. You want to be able to run, hide and sleep in these if need be. Don’t forget a belt!

Making our way up, a jersey fabric v-neck t-shirt, and perhaps a flannel would do you well.  You never know where you might end up, and layering gives you climate based options. On top of that, I like the idea of a denim jacket (black or dark blue), but anyone who knows me well also knows I’m obsessed with denim. Either way, this allows for more pockets for things like shells, knives, cigarettes (if that’s your pleasure), and whatever else you might find yourself in need of at any give moment. Faux leather easily substituted (I like animals). You can always button up a flannel so a unique design on the v-neck is advised. Remember, we are planning to survive, so think about the new world, where fashion maybe redefined.

SIDE NOTE: Leg holsters are awesome. Get some.

Now, this certainly isn’t a necessity, but I have a beanie, or stocking cap, as some people call it, that I wear pretty much every day. Got to keep the head warm. This is just an option.

That’s my list. I add to it every now and then, and probably won’t quit anytime soon…or at least until that eagerly awaited zombie apocalypse occurs. But who knows then that’ll be?

So, what would your end of the world/zombie apocalypse wardrobe look like?


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